I was sitting in less than cool airplane waiting for a group of travelers who were delayed due to issues with their bus. All in all we were only delayed for 30 minutes which is no big deal at all. That said, it was getting hotter and human nature kicked in so I was getting grumpy. I found myself getting annoyed at the late arrivals even though it was completely out of their control. Finally, I caught and checked my attitude and told myself to breath and chill.

I was first introduced to the art form of Kintsugi by way of Death Cab For Cutie's most recent release. In an interview Ben Gibbard explained the name came the Japanese art of mending broken pottery using lacquer resin laced with gold or silver. 

In the interest of being honest I have to admit that I was considering ending this blog. Lately I have been tired and unmotivated to write, and as a results I was mulling over either a hiatus or just outright closing the blog. Luckily, my friend Libby came to the rescue and bought me the dopest mug ever. It simply states, "Write Like A Motherfucker," and I will accept her challenge.

It's quiet in the Heidkamp Household. The kids are in bed, Kim is out for some much needed "Kim Time," and I am left with my thoughts. So before they get a wandering I thought I would write. 

I met Josh 12 years ago at Mercy Vineyard Church when it was just starting public services, so there were about 30 people in a small rented community center room in South Minneapolis sitting on folding chairs and talking about Jesus. 

I am sitting across from my beautiful daughter who is feasting at the dinner table with a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and apple slices. She alternates between scoops of Cheerios and giving apple slices a final bath before meeting their demise. She is joined by her brother who quickly dives into a bowl of berries followed by hummus and pretzels per his request. Dinner was followed by a quick dance party ("shake a butt," to quote Alma) that quickly devolved into a race around the living room. 

After a quick road trip we are back in the buzz that is San Francisco. And back at Reveille, this time we sit across from each other at the Castro District location. The sun is breaking through the double doors, and my headphones barely drown out the beats and bass playing overhead. We just finished 3 glorious days of wine, food, and massages in the green covered mountains of Napa Valley. To say Napa was heavenly is by no means an overstatement, the people of Yountville took good care of us.

Kim and I are sipping on coffee and eating mouth watering baked good Reveille Coffee Co. the San Franciscan coffee shop that once inspired me to research a coffee truck. Very wisely Kim and I choose to invest in kids and our ROI was significant. We made the right choice, as cool as a coffee truck would have been, two little ones running around the house is much cooler. Though, it should be said, having kids is a waiting game.

It's quiet here in the Heidkamp household. Both of the kids are asleep for the night and Kim is getting some much needed rest on the couch. I am sitting in the the comfort of the bedroom thinking over what was a great weekend. Good times with family, friends, and some quality time spent alone. And with a trip to Napa Valley with Kim approaching, and my first MRI coming into sight, I am starting to think about my month off of treatment.

The crew at Anelace are moving in perfect harmony as the best coffee shop in Minneapolis is a buzz with the energy that is Northeast Minneapolis. I love that it not just a bunch of white kids gentrifying another neighborhood, the woman to my left is rocking her sari, and there are conversations of justice and equity going on behind me. I love the crossroads of Lowry and Central that my family gets to call home. The people here have figured out how to grow and beautify a neighborhood without losing the diversity that makes it beautiful.

It's was like giving birth in a 5 Star hotel. Ok, let me correct myself, it was like sitting on the sideline as your wife kicks ass and give birth to your son on next to no pain medication due to severe preeclampsia, in a 5 Star hotel. See we were of the first people to get to use the Mother Baby Center in south Minneapolis, and it was amazing. Not only were the rooms amazing, but the staff was top-notch. It seems accurate to say when you build such a specialized hospital you get the best of the best pursuing career openings.

When the band is rocking on a Sunday morning and my wife and I are worshiping I often throw my fist up in the air and hold it there. There is a reason behind that action. Actually it's a person, and his name is Joe. I known Joe for a long time, he is the father of my friend Emily and Joe was my best friend Paul's dad's best friend. So the Hirts (Joe's family) was best friends with the Ericksons (Tom's family).

I sitting here at Anelace Coffee with arguably the best mocha in the Twin Cities, a bittersweet cookie, my laptop bag, and a pile of tissues all on the table. It turns out my chest cold is actually pneumonia, luckily a quick trip to the ER (my regular provider was not available) got me my diagnosis and my prescription. I am already feeling better which is great.

I am sitting on a huge couch with my wife and father-in-law, the table in front of me is strewn with hunting magazines, bowls of popcorn, and the remains of gin & tonics. My father-in-law is falling asleep as he and Kim watch Sherlock Holmes, the movie not the series, Robert Downey Jr. is as per usual kicking someone's ass.

So the accumulative effect of Chemo and Radiation can really knock you on your ass. That said I only took one "Cancer Nap" at the office this week, so I am feeling particularly proud of myself. Honestly, I told my boss to expect some naps from me this week so the fact that there was only one nap is a point of pride.

Today was my first full day back at the office. Well I cut out an hour early, but considering the events of the past two and a half months I will call it a full day. It was nice to get back into a groove, chat with my coworkers, and take care of my clients.

Wow. I am tired. I was told from the get go that the effects of Radiation and Chemo are accumulative, but I didn't really feel it until this week. Talk about Spaceland, USA. I was working at the church office and I was just spacing out from time to time. My brother checked in later to see if I was ok. In a snarky tone I responded, "well I do have Cancer." He got the point and knew that I was ok, just super tired.

My Great Uncle Don, my father's namesake, passed away at 84 last week, and dammit did he live a life. He and his twin brother Dick were Priests who later on met some hot-to-trot nuns that they ended up marrying. Uncle Don was a well educated man with 3 or 4 masters degrees under his belt. He cared about people, he protested with Dr. King, and he, like most Heidkamps, had the GIft Of Gab.