About Josh

First and foremost I am the husband to a strong woman named Kim and the proud father of a loud and proud son named Edmund and a wild and crazy daughter named Alma. I am the son of amazing parents and part of a perfectly imperfect family with three siblings their their families. I am a believer. A music nerd. An employee. A foodie. Really the list could go on.

The new thing, and the impetus of this blog, is that I now have cancer in my life. It's my new reality that I am working on understanding and coming to terms with. A new reality that I am walking through with many people. It doesn't define me, but it does define how I live my life.

If you have taken the time to read through a few of my post my hope is this. That you choose to live life like you may only have 2 years to live. That as a result of reading this blog you love others well, invest in those around you, and live your life to the fullest.