My family and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a blog about my fight with Cancer. I hope to share about my experience with treatment, my life with my beautiful family, and this crazy adventure called life. Oh, and we love doughnuts!

Music Gets Me Through

My last post was pretty raw. Partly due to the topic, and partly due to writing under the influence of the band Bon Iver. To say that music plays a large roll in my life is a significant understatement. As an example, my senior year in high school I was introduce to Kid A by Radiohead. I kid you not, I easily listened to that album for 6 or so months solid. What is funnier, is when I lost my cd a friend of my sister made me a copy, and knowing that I started on Track 7 she placed Hit Me Baby One More Time. Luckily she placed Ideotech on Tack 8. That album brought me out of my Christian Ska phase (sorry world) and broadened my musical taste significantly.

In college I made some friends that were equally obsessed with music, and were much better educated in the world of music so my playlist became much more diverse. Well, as diverse as white boy ego music can be. It was in college where I started to take leading worship fairly seriously, leading my campus bible group with three talented musicians. Like, insanely talented. There I cut my teeth as a worship leader and even caught the attention of my brother’s associate pastor who let him know that I had some talent.

That leads to how music played a part in me coming to Minneapolis. Part of the reason I joined the church plant was to contribute to the music program. It started with djembe and guitar and later I started leading worship. After Kim and I got married there was about a 9 month stretch where I was either leading or playing in the band. With Saturday morning practices and 2 to 3 services a weekend that made for long weeks. I must admit as hard as that was logistically (and sometimes relationally), it was good for the soul.

Which leads to tonight. At my church we are having a worship and prayer night where we will worship the God we believe in and pray for anything from paper cuts to Cancer as we believe in a God who cares about small and big things. I want to note that we believe in the Now and Not Yet. This essentially means that we believe that the Kingdom of God is here in part and that God does things like heal us and fill us with his spirit, but on the flip side we believe that God’s presence is not here in its fullest so there are times where we are not healed and not filled with his presence. More simply put we believe in a God that heals and sometimes doesn’t heal. And we get that that is a complicated thing to believe. That being said, we will sing and pray our asses off with faith that God will fill us with his Holy Spirit and Heal some of us.

So yeah, music plays a significant role in my life. Here are some milestone songs for me:

High School: Radiohead - Idioteque Live on SNL - This is my very first experience of Radiohead. I was just wrecked and in love. I didn’t know music could sound like this, chaotic and beautiful at the same time.

College: Hey Mercedes - Quit - Sadly this band is no longer playing live, but I saw them open for Jimmy Eat World and I was struck by the lead singer’s guitar playing and the drummers energy. I don't get it, but my sister and her then boyfriend and now husband did not like the, that confounds me.

Minnesota: Death Cab For Cutie - Brothers On A Hotel Bed - Honestly, there are like 10 other songs and bands that I could list. The music scene and public radio presence has expanded my musical palate. With that said, Brothers On A Hotel Bed is just a beautiful song. I once was listening to the album on my way to church early once Sunday morning which driving past the city and was just in awe. Awe of the music, in awe of the city I live in, and in awe of the view.

Week Four Out The Door

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