My family and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a blog about my fight with Cancer. I hope to share about my experience with treatment, my life with my beautiful family, and this crazy adventure called life. Oh, and we love doughnuts!

Phase One Done

Wow. I am tired. I was told from the get go that the effects of Radiation and Chemo are accumulative, but I didn't really feel it until this week. Talk about Spaceland, USA. I was working at the church office and I was just spacing out from time to time. My brother checked in later to see if I was ok. In a snarky tone I responded, "well I do have Cancer." He got the point and knew that I was ok, just super tired.

I started today at my actual office with Glam Doll Donuts for the team. My coworker Chris's girlfriend is a cake designer and she made me a donut cake which was awesome. It was nice to just work, and get some things done. My boss hired a friend to be a sort of controller over both entities that our company runs, and he started just weeks before all this went down. Needless to say he has been baptised by fire. So it has been nice to be able to help him out this month part time and to be able to start contributing full time next week.

After some work I went and picked up Kim and had my last Zap Of The Noggin at 1:15pm. And I will be taking my last Chemo pill a couple hours from now. With that pill I will be officially done with phase one. The zapping went well. I took some photos with my Radiation team, and I got to ring the "I'm Done!!" bell that is in the Radiation lobby. It's similar to the Good Service bell at Arby's, but maybe a tad bit more important.

Me and some of the Radiation Gang!

Me and some of the Radiation Gang!

Celebrated with a late lunch with Kim at Restaurant Alma. No, not the namesake for our daughter, but still a fun coincidence. They recently added a really good coffee bar and a brunch and lunch menu. Heck, you can even stay the night at their boutique hotel just above the restaurant.

Came home and did some work while the kids and then Kim slept, and then it was my turn to nap. And nap I did! Now Alma is asleep, Kim is putting Ed to bed, and I am just chilling writing a blog post about my day. Life is good.

I have the next month off from treatment. Going to a cabin with Kim's family next weekend, and at the end of the month we are off to Napa to knock out more than a few items off the not-so-old bucket list.

On March 3rd I have my first MRI which will let us see the effectiveness of the Radiation and Chemo and will also help inform the next phase of Chemo treatment. From what I understand I will have one week on a higher dose of Chemo and then the rest of the month off for either 6 months or the rest of the year. I will know more once we get the MRI. For now I am going to enjoy my month off.

I don't quite know how the blog will take shape this month, but rest assured I will be writing both fun and emo posts throughout the month. Maybe we will get lucky and get a few guest posts or some overly produced video. Who the heck knows.

Suggested Assignment: I was saying to my brother that the hardest things to do since my diagnosis has been the small details of life, small and easy tasks that oddly make the reality of Cancer more significant. His was response was wise, "it is easier to do the heroic stuff like writing blog posts and leading worship, than to do the less heroic and mundane." I guess my assignment is get good at doing the mundane of life, work hard at your job, show love to your friends in simple ways. Do non-heroic things.

Normalcy & Reality

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