My family and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a blog about my fight with Cancer. I hope to share about my experience with treatment, my life with my beautiful family, and this crazy adventure called life. Oh, and we love doughnuts!

Week Three Done

So it turns out that losing your hair, and by your I mean mine, is kinda depressing. I had a quality pity party for like an hour and a half. Luckily, my buddy helping me plan our trip to Napa Valley called and brought me out of my funk. And yesterday Kim shaved my head so it is not as apparent that I have lost my hair. Plus, I have a pretty tight hat game, so it's even less apparent.

I was quite surprised by how self conscious I was about my hair loss. Which is actually quite comical as I was wearing a hat most the time, so not many people saw the effects. Here is some shots of me prior to hair loss, with hair loss, and with a shaved head. Kim said I look like a rugged mountain man. I will take that compliment!

Last Week

Last Week

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Cue Ball

Cue Ball

Radiation and Chemo is still going well. Radiation is a nice peaceful time where I can chat with God and sometimes get a 5 minute nap. Chemo has been just fine, I am able to sleep through it without any trouble. I do hit a wall about 8pm and have to rest and then go to bed. As my true Minnesotan friends would say, it could be much worse.

Kim is doing well, she is adjusting to a new normal thanks to the love and support of great friends and family. Some good Kim news! She has started to study for the GRE so she can apply for the U's Architecture program. She is working on a portfolio site to display her work for talking with industry professionals, future teachers etc. I will post a link to the site once it is ready.

The kids are doing great as well! Hacking up their lungs, but it's January so who isn't? Preschool has started back up for Ed so he is getting some time to run wild with his friends. Alma is getting some well deserved time with her mama. Oh, and Alma made her first paintings!


I am working part time now, helping the team with basic customer support and creating a knowledge base for internal use as well as one for our customers. I am working from my church office which is fun, as my brother is there. Though, it may be annoying for my sister-in-law Le Que because there are now TWO! Heidkamp boys in the office.

All in all the Heidkamp crew is doing well. Slowly adjusting to our new reality, but having some fun along the way. 

An Assignment - So a lesson I learned this week is that I need to get rest each day. I find that I need to get an hour in the bed where I am mostly doing nothing, maybe watching Netflix. So, your assignment is to get some extra rest at some point this week.

Shit. I Have Cancer

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