My family and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a blog about my fight with Cancer. I hope to share about my experience with treatment, my life with my beautiful family, and this crazy adventure called life. Oh, and we love doughnuts!


The crew at Anelace are moving in perfect harmony as the best coffee shop in Minneapolis is a buzz with the energy that is Northeast Minneapolis. I love that it not just a bunch of white kids gentrifying another neighborhood, the woman to my left is rocking her hijab with serious style, and there are conversations of justice and equity going on behind me. I love the crossroads of Lowry and Central that my family gets to call home. The people running the joint have figured out how to grow and beautify a neighborhood without losing the diversity that makes it so.


Kim and I moved here almost 8 years ago after renting in both South and NE Minneapolis. We had a feeling that this neighborhood was the next place to blow up, but we didn't expect this. Our Co-op bought an eyesore of a building and turned it into a parking lot so they could expand their space, which is gorgeous. A bikeshop took over the ugliest furniture store and turned it into a rustic space. One of the best breweries in the city opened next door and shares space with a bakery that produces mouth watering treats. Want tacos, gyros, or Halal pizza then stop at one of the original NE MPLS shops Holyland, El Taco Riendo, or Crescent Moon.

The owners of Anelace are running the shop today. They moved from Detroit to start this coffee shop. When asked, one of the owners said that landlords were non-responsive in Detroit and other cities were saturated with specialty coffee shops so ended up in Minneapolis and in our neighborhood just by chance. I am glad they did.

And the neighborhood isn't done growing. The owners of Travail in Robbinsdale are opening a BBQ place on Lowry, there is a new Italian place opening up, and the Tax Service space next to Anelace will be taken over by an unnamed restaurant concept that the folks at Anelace can't divulge more info other than the space is going to be a new eatery with a full bar.

It's insane, within less than a half-mile of my house my family can get Peruvian, Ecuadorian, German, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, Thai food. We can walk down the alley to pick up locally brewed beer, awesome coffee, groceries, or even a bike for your little tyke (if you have a little tyke).

Things are picking up again here at Anelace, there is a line at the bar and most of the seats are taken by people surfing the web, talking about life, or just sitting absorbing the low drown of voices bleeding into one.

Me? I am listening to Halloween, Alaska, one of the best bands to come out of the Twin Cities as of late. And honestly, probably the band that influences how I play music, they embody minimalism like no other. Here is my favorite:

I am taking some "Josh Time" as we call it in the Heidkamp household. Kim get's Thursday nights at the studio and I get a few hours on the weekend, while the kids sleep, to read and write. It's nice to have time to one's self, to have some peace and soak in the quiet of solitude, even when the music at the coffee shop is bumping.

That song that I shared above I once listened on repeat during a walk in Redwing, Minnesota. It was like an hour walk, and somehow listening to that song over and over made the walk that much more meaningful, which feels weird to say. That said, it's true, having that song on repeat was needed that day.

An Assignment: so since it is unseasonably warm almost everywhere go on a walk and choose one song to listen to and put that song on repeat and just walk. Soak in the music, let it speak to you in a way it never has before, and just let it play over and over...and over and over. It will be good for your soul. If you do choose to do this assignment share on Facebook what song you chose to listen to. Even if it is Till The World Ends by Britney Spears, shame in regard to music is is not allowed on this blog. What speaks to you musically is what speaks to you.

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