My family and I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. This is a blog about my fight with Cancer. I hope to share about my experience with treatment, my life with my beautiful family, and this crazy adventure called life. Oh, and we love doughnuts!

Cancer's A Waiting Game

Kim and I are sipping on coffee and eating mouth watering baked goods at Reveille Coffee Co., the San Franciscan coffee shop that once inspired me to research running a coffee truck. Very wisely Kim and I choose to invest in kids and our ROI was significant. We made the right choice, as cool as a coffee truck would have been, two little ones running around the house is much cooler. Though, it should be said, having kids is a waiting game.

It's going to sounds cliche, but Cancer is a waiting game. Time spent in waiting rooms, time spent getting your brain zapped, time spent in the ER, time spend waiting for results. So when you have Cancer and then get Pneumonia your white blood cell count will lower, and then because of a bad cough you end up in the ER mostly to make sure things are ok prior to what is going to be one of the best trips Kim and I have ever taken. 

I mean three nights in San Francisco and three nights in Napa Valley along with 12th row seats to watch Golden State take on the Clippers, dinner at a bucket list restaurant, and multiple vineyard tours and wine tastings. You do the math, this trip is going to be insane. Big shout out to the friends that put this trip together and are sending us on it.

Ok, back to the ER. The Doc gave me an IV to deal with a bit of dehydration, and an X-ray which thankfully cleared me of Pneumonia, but, as I mentioned before, a blood draw revealed that my white blood cell count was down. The doc cleared me to go on the trip but encouraged me to watch my temp and visit an ER if my temp spikes. 

I went home and took a nap and was woken up by a call from my Oncologist’s office. The nurse let me know that the Doc wanted me to get a shot before I left that would help boost the production of white blood cells. I could have waited and let things happen naturally, but with me going on a trip the doctor wanted to do this as a precautionary measure.

Wow, that was a long setup. So white blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and this shot which helps boost the production of white blood cells can cause bone pain. So, I could experience severe bone pain while on my trip. I could totally dodge bone pain, but it is still a possibility. I will be honest, this had me feeling down last night and yesterday morning before and after the shot. But after my parents picked up the kids, and Kim and I had our pre-flight giant mimosas I decided that I was not going to let the potential of bone pain, or actual bone pain, ruin this trip. 

So as I sip on my second iced mocha, and munch on a delightful almond croissant, I am going to stand (well actually sit) in defiance of this bone pain. Whether or not I do experience it I am not going to let it define or destroy this vacation I am on with my beautiful wife. We will sip coffee, we will taste wine, and we will enjoy each other's company.

An Assignment - Ok, so this one is easier said than done. Look outside of your pain to engage in the life that is happening around you.

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