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Chill, Breath, It’s Not The End Of The World

I was sitting in less than cool airplane waiting for a group of travelers who were delayed due to issues with their bus. All in all we were only delayed for 30 minutes which is no big deal at all. That said, it was getting hotter and human nature kicked in so I was getting grumpy. I found myself getting annoyed at the late arrivals even though it was completely out of their control. Finally, I caught and checked my attitude and told myself to breath and chill.

As the plane finally took off I started think about times like this. Occasions where I have to check my attitude when I get annoyed at the person who waited three seconds to respond to the green light, or the individual making multiple orders for friends at Chipotle. It’s so funny that we let these things get to us, as if anger is going to change our situation or make us feel better. If you are hoping that I am going to counter this point I hate to break it to you, shaking your fist at the person who cut you off isn’t going to do shit. My guess is that it will have the opposite effect.

Let’s add to this, ever find yourself getting angry at someone else that is over reacting to a situation. This week I saw someone get mad at another driver because they did not let them turn even though the driver going straight had the right of way. I became super annoyed at the driver that wanted to turn. How dumb is that? I mean, what good is that going to do for me.

So, lately I have been trying to be more aware of my emotions and check them when they are not helping. I should emphasize the word trying.

I am getting schooled on this issue via my second phase of chemo. I had my first round at the beginning of April. I should have started my second round two weeks ago, but various low-levels in my blood has delayed moving forward. Before my flight I went and had my labs drawn and found out that my White Cells are still low. As a result I am going in this weekend to get shots to raise my White Cell count. If those shots work I could start as soon as Monday.

When I told my wife and my coworker about the delay they asked how I felt. Thanks to some wisdom from my oncologist and my counselor I was able to respond "it is what it is." I mean I could be angry about the multiple delays, but what would that do for me? When my first round was delayed I did let it get to me and it just put me in a funk which didn’t help me or anyone around me out. This time around I took a step back, reminded myself that it is what it is, and that things will work out.

So, the next time you are driving and get cut off, or get stuck in a slow line, or fined yourself on a delayed flight: chill, breath, and remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world. Trust me, you will feel much better than getting angry.

Assignment - I want to acknowledge that this is not easy to do. But as an assignment try to be more aware of moments of anger that are not helping you out and check it at the door, breath, and move on.

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