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Processing Other's Faith For You

A quick Google search provides the definition of faith as, "Complete trust or confidence in someone or something."

I know that not all of the readers of this blog are spiritual, and those who are may not believe the same thing I do, so I started with the a definition that we all can agree with. I provide that definition as the context of this post starts with my faith as a Christian, but the implications can benefit people no matter their creed.

I have actually been sitting on this post for a few months now waiting for the the right time to write it. And yesterday at church a friend provided the impetus. As a fellow cancer patient she checked in with my progress and we exchanged some notes from our experiences. And after that she shared with me that she had faith that I am going to beat the odds. See like Katniss the odds are not in my favor and cancer usually wins sooner rather than later so faith like her's can be daunting to accept.

Now rewind a few months back shortly after my diagnosis and a friend shared a dream she had where I was stuck in a fire and angels were in a line pouring water on the house and the lead angel looks back and shouts we’re going to need more water. And when she shared that she said that she felt like it was God showing her that there is a supernatural battle going on around me and that I am going to survive it.

I will be honest, I had no idea what to do with that dream my friend had. See while I am part of a church body that believes in healing and that God can speak to us through things like dreams I never had someone come up to me and speak something like that over me. We chatted a week or two later about it and I brought up this blog post idea and asked if I could share it and process it publicly. She was all in for that. 

I should note that there have been others that have shared their faith in my healing and well being where I have had to think about how to process. And now that I have had some time to sit on these various pictures of people faith here is what I have learned.

They Believe In You - If you are up for a promotion, going after a job, or about to run your first marathon and someone takes the time to speak their faith in your abilities they are at the very base level communicating that they believe in you and have faith in your ability to accomplish something.

They Care Enough To Say Something - I am wildly guilty of having faith in someone but not having the courage to voice it. We humans can lack of the courage to speak words of encouragement to those we love. So when someone does speak faith in your abilities or faith in your healing then they are choosing to go past that insecurity and speak that word of encouragement. That brave act means something significant.

People Love You - When someone is encouraging you and speaking their faith in you or the fair for you in a specific circumstance they are telling you that they love you. That they want you to get that job or they want you to live and be around them for many years to come. Speaking faith into someones life is a very kind act of love.

So the next time someone encourages you before a interview, or cheers you on during a race, or tells you they think you are going to beat cancer thank them, take those words captive, and cling to those words. And know that even if you don’t get that job or don’t finish that race you have a group of people cheering you on in life that love and care for you deeply. So much that they had the courage to speak faith into your life.

Assignment - If you get a leaning to speak a word of encouragement or faith into someone's life and start to shy away from doing it push past that fear and speak that truth into their lives.


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