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Guest Post - Joshua David

My brother’s Patronus is a Grizzly Bear, I have said this before. Do not be fooled by his charming smile and easy gate, he is capable of great ferocity and fearlessness. Claws that tear and teeth that devour, he guards and protects his den with vigilance and keen senses. Instincts from a mind kept sharp on its knees and an appetite for the richest joys in life do nothing to tame this mighty beast. This Grizzly does not seek to dominate and intimidate his den, rather his mate is an equal as they care for their cubs. True to his nature this Grizzly will hold his ground when he must but is by nature a peacemaker. While it may appear he attacks with untamed brutality his words of honesty and insight come as wisdom's kiss. This Grizzly’s swipe has given me inspiration in seasons indulgent indecision, hope when trapped in the grips of despair. His Grizzly Bear blows have delivered strength to face fears, and courage to seek victories.

So as not to be carried away in the sweeping grandeur of hyperbole I must note that said Grizzly has a wonderful appetite for honey* and an expertise in hibernation surpassed only by yours truly. Moreover, if you find yourself in need of a bear hug you can do no better than Joshua David. Loyalty, comfort, acceptance, sincerity and affection miraculously communicated by this Grizzly’s hug.

My Patronus, as I am sure you are anxiously anticipating, is a cat. No Sorting Hat** came to this conclusion, I asked Josh. Full disclosure, he was not aware that he was bestowing a patronus when I asked, “what animal do I most remind your of”. The narcissistically agonizing 68 seconds it took Josh to reply was well rewarded. I am a cat. I am loving yet aloof,  luxuriously lazy with sporadic burst of manic energy. A simply adorable companion and obsessive self-groomer (my paralyzing anxiety of self branding). Somehow my Grizzly Bear loves this Cat. Throughout my life he has been protector and companion,  joy and comfort, inspiration and blessing, this Grizzly is my little brother. Joshua David Heidkamp I love you so much and am so proud to be your sister.

Author’s note (a impressively pretentious title for two sentences):  In the course of my research for this essay, a tireless 2 minute endeavor, I discover a male Grizzly Bear is referred to as a Boar. This, in light of my lengthy (dare I say inspired) analogy, is quite simply hilarious.

*A completely unpoetic note to those who are ardent naturalist. I am aware that my essay plays on popular stereotypes of the Grizzly Bear. It is my unverified understanding (aka, I heard on NPR once) that bears are actually after the nutrition in bees vs. honey, which still fails to explain the lack of rampant diabetes in the bear population. You may be impressed that I know these solitary creatures play a major role in seeding habitats through their scat. However, as a rule, I try to not spend much time thinking about my brothers’ bowel movements.

**My apologies Hogwart alumnus, I invoke poetic license. BTW I am a Hufflepuff and yes Josh is a Gryffindor


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