I have been to Austin a few times before my most recent trip. During those trips I had a burger at Casino el Camino, stole a salsa recipe from Torchy's Tacos, and drank coffee at Easy Tiger. While Casino was a cool experience I would suggest that Torchy's and Easy Tiger are worth a second trip.

Every other week or so my dear friend Mirko and I get together to enjoy a caffeinated beverage whilst catching each other up on the goings on. And while we love our usual spot that is Spyhouse we decided that it was time to deviate. When I suggested my devious plan Mirko suggested The Bachelor Farmer Cafe, and boy I am glad he did.

So fresh off a business trip into Austin I had realized that I love Asian flavors to the max and found that I had a deep appreciation for young Asian kids doing their food their way. While in Austin I ate twice at Elizabeth Street Cafe a beautiful Vietnamese place in city. It was young kids my age or, let's face it, younger most of Vietnamese, slinging great dishes, sake cocktails, and coffee, and in a beautiful place to boot.