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Enter The Rabbit Hole

Fresh off a business trip into Austin I had realized that I love Asian flavors to the max and found that I had a deep appreciation for young Asian kids doing their food their way. While in Austin I ate twice at Elizabeth Street Cafe a beautiful Vietnamese place in the city. It was young kids my age or, let's face it, younger. And mostly Vietnamese kids, slinging great dishes, sake cocktails, and coffee, and in a beautiful place to boot. 

Still on the high that is great food I needed to find the Minneapolis version of ESC, and at the Midtown Global Market, I found it. A Korean place run by a husband and wife actually our age with an adorable little girl near Alma's age. They moved to Minneapolis from LA's K-Town where they owned a little burger joint in the back of a liquor store aptly named Standing Room Only.

The word play doesn't stop there, the menu at The Rabbit Hole is full of pop culture based puns that'll keep you giggling while perusing your options. From the Bill and Ted's inspired Wild Scallions to the epicly named Harold and Kumar's Poutine, the menu offers quite a variety of Korean and global street food dishes.

I wish I could remember what exactly I had to drink, but I can guarantee it had gin and it was good. The restaurant provides ample seating in the bar and the main dining area. I recommend the booth that provides a direct view of Thomas and Kat, husband and wife co-owners, and their team's antics. While dining it was obvious that the two love their job, love their team, and have a quality sense of humor.

The decor and space is dark, with walls written on in varied colors of permanent marker. The lights are low for dinner and the music is blasting (like I said earlier it is younger kids doing their food in their way with their music turned up to 11). I can't recommend this place enough, it's a top notch team doing some quality cooking.

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Location - 920 East Lake St, Suite 101 Minneapolis, MN 55407
Telephone - (612) 236-4526
More Info - Click Here

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